The products of the Durapixel series are characterized by high brightness at low power consumption. At the same time, they have an enormously long service life of up to 100,000 hours.

High-quality panels meet the company’s own innovative backlight technology. These displays are the perfect visual interface for your application in demanding areas.

Direct sunlight, touch applications or even “harsh environments”. We are happy to equip your displays with resistive touch or PCAP touch. For an application with a risk of vandalism, we also offer protective glasses of various types.

The following variants of the Durapixel series are available:
DLF = LED Backlight TFT-LCD Panel + LED Driving Board
DLH = DLF + Control Board + Cable Set
SLD/DLD/SLO/DLO/DPD = DLH + metal chassis

Industrial Display


The Spanpixel series from LiteMax is the eye catcher for various applications. Whether in transportation, in shop windows or on vending machines, the special aspect ratios between 8:9 and 16:3 make the displays suitable for tight installation spaces.

The certified cutting process allows LiteMax to not only maintain the high brightness of LiteMax displays, but also offer different sizes. Between 6.2″ to 67.4″, there is something for every application.
Another advantage is the possibility of control through the usual interfaces.

The following variants of the Spanpixel series are available:
SSF = Display + LED Driving Board
SSH = SSF + Control Board + Cable Set
SSD/SSO = SSH + metal chassis

Beispiels Produkt LiteMax Display
Stretched Resized Display

Industrial Board and System Solution

Following the merger with Wynmax in 2016, Litemax has further expertise in total systems in-house.
This means that we can now offer not only displays but also mainboards, boxed PCs and panel PCs completely from our own company. The focus in the industrial computing area is especially on the area of extended operating temperature!

Our boards are available in the form factors:
Mini-ITX, ATX, 3.5″ embedded motherboards and 2.5″ embedded motherboards

3.5" Single Board Computer