Durapixel series

The Litemax Durapixel series refers to our Sunlight Readable High Brightness products. The combination of high brightness and low power consumption is perfect for industrial applications.

All displays have a high brightness LED backlight.

Product variants

DLF = LED Backlight Panel + LED Driving Board
DLH = DLF + Control Board
SLD/DLD/SLO/DLO/DPD = DLH + metal chassis


WT – Wide Temperature
WVA – Wide Viewing Angle
MAXRGB – color saturation boosted (NTSC)
H-Tni – H-Tni LCD blackening defect free

6.5"0625-E (WT)1000 cd/m²640×480
7"0708-T (WT;WVA;MAXRGB)1200/1600 cd/m²1280×800
7"0765-I (WT)1000 cd/m²1024×600
8.4"0848-A (WT)1600 cd/m²800×600
8.4"0848-T (WT;WVA)1600 cd/m²1024×768
8.4"0868-E (WT)1600 cd/m²800×600
10.1"1015-A (WT;WVA)1000 cd/m²1280×800
10.1"1015-V (WT)1000 cd/m²1024 x 600
10.4"1045-H (WT;WVA)1000 cd/m²1024×768
10.4"1048-I (WT; WVA)1600 cd/m²1024x768
10.4"1095-A (WT; WVA)1300 cd/m²1024×768
12.1"1215-I (WT;WVA)1000 cd/m²1024×768
12.1"1219-A (WT;WVA)1800 cd/m²1024×768
12.1"1268-I (WT;WVA)1600/2000 cd/m²1024×768
13.3"1335-A (WT;WVA)1000 cd/m²1920×1080
15"1505-I (WT;WVA)1000 cd/m²1024×768
15"1568-I (WT;WVA)2000 cd/m²1024×768
15.6"1566-I (WT;WVA)1200 cd/m²1920×1080
15.6"1569-I(WT;WVA)1800 cd/m²1920×1080
17"1768-E (WT)1600 cd/m²1280×1024
18.5"1858-T (WT;WVA)1600 cd/m²1920×1080
19"1968-U (WT)1600/2000 cd/m²1280×1024
19"1975-E (WVA)1000 cd/m²1280×1024
21.5"2118-E1600/2000 cd/m²1920×1080
21.5"2126-A (WVA)1600 cd/m²1920×1080
21.5"2158-B (WVA;WT;H-Tni)1600cd/m²1920×1080
21.5"2158-U (WVA; H-Tni)1600/2000 cd/m²1920×1080
23.8"2386-I (WVA)1200 cd/m²1920×1080
23.8"2388-I (WT;WVA)1600 cd/m²1920×1080
24"2408-U (WT;WVA;H-Tni)1600 cd/m²1920×1080
27"2705-B (WVA;MaxRGB)700/1000 cd/m²1920×1080
27"2706-A (WVA)1200 cd/m²1920×1080
27"2708-B (WVA;MaxRGB)1000/1600 cd/m²1920×1080
32"3200-B (WT;WVA;H-Tni)2000 cd/m²1920×1080
32"3201-B (WT;WVA;H-Tni)3000 cd/m²1920×1080
32"3205-I (WVA;MaxRGB)800/1000 cd/m²3840×2160
32"3206-B (WVA)1200 cd/m²1920×1080
43"4301-B (WT;WVA;H-Tni)3500cd/m²1920×1080
43"4305-A (WVA)1000 cd/m²3840×2160
43"4305-B (WVA)1000 cd/m²1920×1080
43"4309-A (WVA)1800 cd/m²3840×2160
43"4309-B (WT;WVA;H-Tni)1800 cd/m²1920×1080
49"4901-L (WVA;H-Tni)3500 cd/m²1920×1080
49"4906-L (WVA;H-Tni)1200 cd/m²3840×2160
55"5500-L (WVA;H-Tni)2500 cd/m²1920×1080
55"5505-B (WVA)1000 cd/m²3840×2160
65"6501-B (WT;WVA; H-Tni)2500 cd/m²3840×2160
75"7501-L (WVA; H-Tni)3000 cd/m²3840×2160
75"7502-L (WVA; H-Tni; LD)4500 cd/m²3840×2160
85"8500-I (WVA)2000 cd/m²3840×2160