Touch and touch display solutions

For today’s industrial solutions, it is hard to imagine many applications without touchscreen. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, in static or mobile applications, the scenarios are nearly unlimited.

Different application profiles require different approaches and technologies. You can purchase touch as a component, but also as a touch display solution.

If your application does not allow a standard product, that is no problem. Our competent team will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of a customized or newly developed product. Customizations can range from frame size to special glass or logo printing to special formats and shapes. We can also offer optical bonding or firmware customization and certifications according to required standards together with our technology partner Higgstec.

Higgstec is a touch manufacturer from Taiwan with over 20 years of experience in resistive touch and projected capacitive touch (PCAP) solutions.
With over 50 developers and a total of over 300 employees, Higgstec is a leader in quality and innovation.

Resistive touch

With resistive touch, the sensor is applied to the touch glass and reacts to pressure. This makes this technology particularly suitable for applications where input pens are used or thick gloves are worn. These touches can be combined with USB controllers, but also with controllers for serial interfaces.

Our 5-Wire Touches are designed for long life cycles and are exceptionally resistant to electromagnetic interference fields and suitable for use in the extended temperature range. Our standard products in sizes 15″, 17″, 19″, 21.5″ as well as 23.8″/24″ also have integrated UV protection.

Available sizes: 4.3″-24″ , various glass thickness
Suitable for Wide Temperature Use
Conformity: CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH
Controllersinterfaces: USB or RS-232

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP)

As state-of-the-art technology, PCAP touch can be found in almost all everyday applications today. This touch technology is also becoming more and more prevalent in the industrial environment. Gesture control and 10-point multi-touch are the standard features.

Since the sensor is applied under the cover glass, this touch technology is wear-free.
The cover glass is available in different thicknesses and also tempered. The frame printing can be customized. Logo printing can also be added.
Surface treatments such as Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Reflective (AR), Anti-Smudge (AS) or Anti-Fingerprint (AF) are possible.
This offers a wide range of customization and individualization options.
Our standard products have integrated UV protection.

PCAP Touches react to capacity changes and can therefore be triggered without force.

Available sizes: 3.5″-32″ , various glass thicknesses
Suitable for Wide Temperature Use
Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH
Tail: Chip on Flex (COF) or FPC
ControllersInterfaces: USB, RS-232, I2C