Durapixel 4309-B Series

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The 4309-B is a 43″ Sunlight Readable LCD for industrial applications. With 1800 cd/m², the display is suitable for versatile outdoor applications. The LED High Brightness Backlight with an MTBF of 100,000 hours ensures long-term safe 24/7 operation of your application. With H-Tni 110°C as well as Wide Temperature technology, we prevent LCD blackening defect in this product. You can thus ensure reliable operation even in direct sunlight. The introduction of wide temperature technology with an operating temperature range of -20°C ~ 60°C in large format displays opens up new application possibilities.


Größe 43"43"43"
Displaygröße in mm940.9(H) x529.25(V)940.9(H) x529.25(V)940.9(H) x529.25(V)
Helligkeit 1800 cd/m² High Brightness1800 cd/m² High Brightness1800 cd/m² High Brightness
Seitenverhältnis 16:916:916:9
Kontrast 1300 : 11300 : 11300 : 1
Pixel Pitch in mm0.49x0.490.49x0.490.49x0.49
PPI 515151
Blickwinkel 178°/178°178°/178°178°/178°
Farbsättigung (NTSC) 83%83%83%
Eingangsspannung DC24VAC 100-240VAC 100-240V
Leistungsaufnahme97 W 106 W  106 W
Maße in mm970 x 564.3 x 26.92970 x 564.3 x 26.92973 x 567.3 x 69.9
Bezel Größe in mm (o/u/l/r)17.52/17.52/14.55/14.5517.52/17.52/14.55/14.5518.9/18.9/15.9/15.9
Gewicht in kg101017.8
Betriebstemperaturbereich-20°C bis +60°C-20°C bis +60°C-20°C bis +60°C
Lagertemperaturbereich-20°C bis +70°C-20°C bis +70°C-20°C bis +70°C